2015 June

Diving: An unforgettable under water paradise

Diving is a sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world; for some it can be as simple as throwing on a set of snorkel and flippers and enjoying the under water scenery, for others this can mean taking full dive courses such as an open water 1 course, this allows them to experience […]

Guidelines for NRI’s to take good accommodation in Vadodara

Nonresidential Indians always like to have a home back here in India. Whether the market is in demand or not, NRI’s always look for an option to make real estate investment in metros and other cities. The rules for NRI have to buy commercial as well as residential property in India is fairly easy and […]

Travelling in the Baltics

The Baltics offers some of the greatest travel adventures available anywhere in the world at the moment, with the advent of cheap flights we’re now able to travel around Europe and the Baltics with ease and at very lost cost.  The Baltics include some great destinations such as the Nordics and Scandinavia , the Baltic […]

Egypt : The land of the pharoahs

There are so many exotic places in the world which are now so easily accessible, gone are the days when we had to rely on travel which had to booked up to a year in advance and often the only means of travel meant by ship. This meant that travel was restricted for only the […]

Chiang Mai – A tourists paradise

You’ve probably landed on this page because you’re looking for the next destination on your list to satisfy that travel bug that forever lingers within you, don’t worry, we understand you and today we’re going to discuss the perfect destination and a local travel company to get you around this destination. Chiang Mai has been […]

The ultimate travel booking experience with huge discounts!

You’ve probably landed on this page because you’re an avid traveller looking for the next best deal, well we do have something spectacular for you today which should help you not only plan the perfect next destination on your list but also get the best possible deal available online at the moment. Gone are the […]