Beach Park Debuts Major Expansion with World’s Largest Whirlwind Water Slide and Vila Azul do Mar

BP_LogoAquiraz, CE, Brazil (December 10, 2015) – Beach Park, Latin America’s leading water park, has launched Vaikuntudo, the world’s largest whirlwind water slide and opened the first phase of Vila Azul do Mar, a multi-million dollar shopping, dining and entertainment complex. The expansion is part of Beach Park’s innovation program aimed at developing new experiences and services to offer unprecedented leisure options to guests. The park expects to attract one million visitors in 2016.


“Imagine standing six-stories high and taking a ride down one of the world’s largest funnels with a feeling of total weightlessness – that’s Vaikuntudo,” said Beach Park General Manager Murilo Pascoal.  “Our goal is to continue to innovate and build the world’s most exciting water attractions and we’re excited to debut yet another thrilling, world-class experience for more than one million people this year.”

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Following a steep climb, Vaikuntudo takes riders, in groups of four, down a 25-meter drop and whips them through a colossal, 60-foot funnel at nearly 43 miles per hour. Vaikuntudo stands six-stories high, 240 meters long and overlooks the entire Beach Park complex as well as the Atlantic Ocean. As Beach Park’s newest extreme attraction, the R$13 million Vaikuntudo is the world’s largest in its category; it was developed and manufactured by Canadian company ProSlide, the world leader in attractions for the sector.

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Developed in partnership with famed designer and innovator, Marcelo Rosenblum, Vila Azul do Mar creates a rustic and cozy atmosphere, inspired by a fishing village.  Beach Park has invested approximately R$ 20 million into the complex, which offers four retail stores, multiple dining options, and entertainment for both adults and children. The complex is expected to expand throughout 2016.


Specifically, new additions include:

  • Four retail stores: ShopShop, Sunwear, Love and Peace Rocks and Artesanato da Vila selling apparel, swimwear, accessories and toys.
  • Four fast-food dining offering popcorn, churros, acai, tapioca, and more
  • Coqueiral Bar e Restaurant: A 120-seat restaurant with a contemporary menu designed by chef Bernard Twardy
  • Dilleto Ice Cream Parlor
  • Beach Park Beach Card sales kiosk
  • Beach Park Vacation Club kiosk
  • Kids area: space for up to 20 children with TV monitors and game kioks


“We knew we had a big opportunity to keep guests on site during the evening and we have worked with some great partners, including famed designer Marcelo Rosenblum and Chef Bernard Twardy, to create an amazing experience. And, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary,  we’re excited about a new generation of travelers from around the world discovering Beach Park,” said Beach Park General Manager Murilo Pascoal.


Beach Park is comprised of an expansive water park, three resorts, one hotel, and restaurants, situated on the Porto das Dunas beach in northeast Brazil.  The park offers family, moderate and its world-famous extreme attractions including, Insano, one of the world’s tallest water slides. Consistently named the top water park in South America by TripAdvisor, Beach Park continues leads for its high-quality service, amenities and guest experience.  To learn more visit


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About Beach Park

Beach Park is one of the top 20 water parks and one of Latin America’s largest aquatic complexes.  Home to the Insano, one of the world’s tallest water slides, Beach Park attracts over one million visitors annually to its water park, beachfront restaurant, and four hotel resorts located along Porto das Dunas. For more information, visit



















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