Jerusalem Visitor Guide

jerusalemJerusalem is a holy city and it is most beautiful as well as most inspiring places on this earth. This is oldest cities among other cities of world, and even has the trendy neighborhoods for vising the place. You can certainly refer to the Jerusalem Visitor Guide while you make your plan to visit the place. During the previous two years some latest tourist attractions now have joined old traditional as well as Jerusalem which has now become the attraction for each different taste.

  1. Dome of the Rock – It is the must see attraction of Jerusalem. When you have a day in city and you are unable to decide what you should do in a single day. The tunnels are open for some years, and even the entrance fee is just symbolic.
  2. Most archaeological experience – That uncover the ancient relics through your hands, in ruins of the Old City. Such kind of activity suits at different ages, particular the families and the groups of kids.
  3. Water Tunnel – Enjoy the most thrilling underground adventure through lamplight, in the tunnel of ancient water. Even the place is also suggested for completely different ages, particularly for the families as well as for the kids group.
A unique cultural rich experience

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