Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel

bambooWhen you are Bordered by Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, the Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel boasts the most wonderful heritage that is untamed as the wild landscape as well as friendly people. Entire country has the population of about 13,995,904 as well as 90% of the trip consist Khmer ethnicity. However, terrain is also mainly low, flat plains through the mountains in Southwest as well as North areas. As the recent times they also have developed in the famous destination for several travellers that even holds the stories of several adventures experienced.

On the other hand, glorious civilization of the Khmer Cambodia is also well represented by beautiful ruins of temple at Angkor Wat through the Siem Reap. It is also now known as most celebrated kind of historical sites of Asia. Aside these popular temples, there is also more to Cambodia which would meets eye, from lazy beaches known as Sihanoukville as well as Kep for the idiosyncratic Boker Hill Station. The Travellers with the passion for the purpose of adventure would prefer love of the wild north east country with their spectacular scenery as well as with wildlife and with the cultures of hill tribe.


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