Vietnam Cambodia Tour

vietVietnam Cambodia Tour are mainly two countries that are worth to explore in-depth, so this is much easy as well as truly suggested to combine two countries in same trip. It also depend on the fact that how much time do you have for the trip, on the other hand it is also very much possible to always experience the most comprehensive tour Cambodia as well as Vietnam in under 3 weeks.

Starting from Hanoi, you may also experience dramatic scenery of the Halong Bay on the overnight trip with the traditional junk boat prior to heading south to friendly town of the Hoi The, complete charm of old-world. Continuing the south to the Ho Chi Minh City that you may also take part in the purpose of crawling the expedition through Cu Chi Tunnels as well as to explore entire capital city for just few of the days. Jumping to the boat, you will be able to also travel through Mekong Delta as well as to wander around the border to the Phnom Penh, capital city of the Cambodia. Subsequent to visiting sights in the bustling city you may catch the bus to reach the Siem Reap, where this will find great amount of wonders of world, Angkor temple complex that also includes Angkor Wat.


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