Visit Singapore: Some Best Destinations to Color Your Holiday

When we are talking about Singapore, we will see one of the most modern country in the world. Singapore is also one of the smallest country but it has the high rate in society. In talking about travelling, Singapore becomes one of the most favorite place to be visited by the tourist. Yes, it is because there are many special places in Singapore, which will color your holiday. Here, we will talk about some of the best destinations for you. I hope it will be useful for you all.


Marina Bay

The first best place to go in Singapore is Marina Bay. Maybe, you ask about the special of this place. Well, Marina Bay is special with its spectacular side. Marina Bay is one of the most successful program of the minister of Singapore. In this place, you can see some kinds of the special destinations, such as Science Museum, Casino place, various shopping center, dining place and nightlife. In common, people go to this place around 20.00 p.m.

Clarke Quay’s

When you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the riverside, I am sure that this place can be the one of special place to go in Singapore. Yes, this delightful riverside provides some special packets of place, which will be nice to color your holiday. In this place, you may see some kinds of the bustling bars and restaurant to enjoy the special dinner with your family. In other hand, there are also boutique shop and pumping night shop to enjoy the origin of Singapore.

Raffles hotel

Do you know about Raffles? Well, for Singaporean, Raffles is one of the most important figure because he who build Singapore in the ancient era. Now, you can see the history of Raffles by going to Raffles hotel. In this place, you may see kinds of history of Singapore, which will be nice to enlarge the knowledge. In other hand, there are also some special suites, distinctive restaurant and bars, and also some stores, which will make your holiday special.


The other place, which can be the nice destination when you are in Singapore, is the Chinatown. Yes, Chinatown is one of the icon of Singapore. This place is special with the various kinds of shopping center. Here, you can see the modern of Singapore. In other hand, as its name, what make this place special is the Chinese touch. There are many kinds of Chinese restaurant here, which can ease the longing of Asian taste of food.



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